Jesus In The Neighborhood

Published on Sep 8th, 2022 by wpd-office | 0
Guided by the very able leadership of the DnA Team (Cheryl Mishler, Erin Flory Robertson, Jon Tuttle, Keith Funk, Paul Cesare, Pat Gong, and Lowell Flory), surrendered in prayer and energized table talk the District Conference passed a foundational Purpose Statement for the District.          
It reads as follows:

The Western Plains Church of the Brethren, in supporting our congregations in our life together, reflects, proclaims, and practices God’s Love and Good News in Christ to all creation.

From this foundation will grow the Core Values (that drives us in fulfilling this statement), and will include the Vision of how it best can be lived out in Mission.  That work will be before the District Conference in 2023.

I want to help us dig deeper by examining parts of the purpose statement.  I will ask a question for consideration and offer one comment.  This is only a beginning, but hopefully assisting us in thinking forward to possible meaning and even glimpses of implementation.


What would this look like?

It for sure would reflect our leaning in toward one another and building meaningful relationships for our work together!


What are important ways that we can do ministry together in the name of Christ that we could not do as well alone?

Following Jesus and living faithfully the values of the Church of the Brethren in life changing ways is certainly a part of this phrase.


What is the Good News of God in Christ?

Christ is center to all we say and do.  We support and help each other to be faithful to this reality.


What does all creation mean?

It begins with God, and includes respect and value (Dignity) for all people and the care for our earthly home, which is a gift from God.

This is a beginning.   What questions and responses would you make? Your congregation make? Let’s begin by sharing, talking about and praying that God’s will might be done through Western Plains Church of the Brethren.

Interim District Executive Minister, Randall Yoder


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